José Alcántara


About me

I’m 48 years old, father of two sweet daughters. After I examened from photo school it was in the beggining of the crisis 1991, and job offers were not given to young photographers.

I’ve been working socially with youngsters here in Stockholm and later on became a security officer, but during this time I continued with my photography. At first I wasn’t so keen to change from film to digital but finally bought a Nikon D300. Then I bought a D810 and after that everything changed.

I always take my photo equipment wherever I go and I always find something beautiful to frame. When I get in my zone I can’t stop until I’m satisfied with the results… Sometimes I see a picture in my head and then starts to look after it. Photography has given me so much more of life than I could ever imagine.


Stockholm, Sweden



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  • Studied photography at Riddarfjärdsskolan in Stockholm from 1989-1991


I was specialized at darkroom techniques, all those filters people use on their instagram I was tought to do by hand. We used 90% black and white film and just 10% color, but that was then. Time changes.


I had a friend (Ulf Nilsson) who took tons of pictures of me and my friends when I was around 15 years old and after watching his pictures I got fond of it and said to my self, ”I want to do that, I want to create”. Later on I got to know Maud Nycander and her work gave me new inspiration.


Previous exhibitions:

I have never had an exhibition, only digital on my instagram account.

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