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About me

I am a wife, a mother of two, the financial manager at the family company, a mathematics and art teacher at a national boarding school, the projektmanager at home, and so on. For years I have tried to solve an insoluble puzzle. The mathematician in me see it clearly, how the equation doesn’t add up. So in between the gaps of living, the artist in me keeps the equilibrium of sanity.In some ways my life might seem perfect for the outsider, it is not. And I am most definitely not perfect. But I strive to always perform my utmost in everything I do, putting others and everything else before my self. This is not a healthy way of living and eventually reality catches up.

Som parts of me are broken due to stress… and this is me picking up the pieces. I create art to balance my inner self, a much needed respite and a way to find calm in the chaos of life. These experiences directly translate into my art.



Växjö, Sweden




  • Studied Art at the University of Växjö in 2004-2005
  • Took a high school teachers degree in Art and Mathematics, 2003-2008


Acrylic and mixed medias on canvas. Most of the artworks has been gradually built up in a number of thin acrylic layers and processed with water and different kinds of alcohols. To get closer to nature, there is always at least on element och earthy tones that interacts with the primary color or colors. In the creation process there are a lot of different tools used to make the layers. 


My art is characterized by the mysterious fusion between two worlds and a need for healing. This has resulted in my japandi art series, where scandinavian minimalism meets japanese elegance. The culture of Japan has always felt close to heart. The works of art are something more, something meditative and something deeper. They have a meaning and purpose; what they will convey to the observer, only the viewers themselves can tell. For me it is with the aim of reaching peace of mind and the healing qualities of nature. To keep the order and my well-being as well as inspire others to take a breath and just get that small mental break while getting lost in my paintings.

Upcoming exhibitions:

  • Monaco Art Fair, 27-29 of August 2021.

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