Janni Nyby


About me

I paint colorful nature and landscape abstractions, which I hope the viewer wants to explore. I combine a sea of different techniques and typically start a painting based on preliminary thoughts, which during the creation process can transform in completely different directions before putting the signature on the finished painting.

My approach is best described as abstract expressionist and I love using all colors in the palette. At some point back in the late 90’s, a dimension / source opened up in me by chance which I had not seen coming as I am academically educated and did not spend much time in the creative universe. But after germinating for a few years, this dimension slowly but powerfully and persistently came to fill more and more in me, and today is completely ”dependent” on the painting in the right way. I meet so many beautiful people who want to ”explore” in my colorful nature and landscape abstractions, and it is both enriching and evolving to hear the many different considerations. I am deeply intrigued by the individual’s interpretations and perspectives on what she or he sees, and am delighted every time one of my paintings becomes ”a bridge to the other human being”. Therefore, I deliberately fail to give my paintings titles, to give the viewer unlimited freedom in terms of sensing, experiencing and telling. In the painting process itself, I just love, when colors, shapes, composition and expression come together in a whole where there is both calm and energy.


Aalborg SV, Denmark

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I’m educated, cand. phil. in history, AP in Business, Diploma of Leadership works as a leadership consultant and has exhibited my paintings at home and abroad since the mid-zero. I have my own gallery.


As I paint with many layers and often change both elements and the overall painting many times in the process, I paint with acrylic paints that dry quickly on my canvases.


The inspiration I get from nature’s incredible colors, shapes and elements. It can be from magnificent magnificent areas abroad, or beautiful little gems in the local area.

Current projects:

  • Artexpo, New York, 23.- 26./4 2020, Pier 94, USA (Postponed)
  • Galleri Vognporten, Mariager Museum, juni-august 2020, Denmark
  • The International Artfair in the Carrousel du Louvre, 23.-25./10, France

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