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Ingrid was born (1921-06-25) and grew up on a farm in Bokenäs located near Gullmarsfjorden and Lysekil on the Swedish west coast. Growing up, Ingrid’s great fascination for the horse was founded. All production shown on the website (ingridstrom.se) was created in the studio at Kämpegatan 38 in Mölndal between 1975 and 2008.

Here at artportable.se you can take part in a selection of the art treasure that Ingrid Ström has left behind. Welcome to ingridstrom.se for a more detailed presentation of in both words and pictures.

Reviewed by a gallery (Gallery Mölndal) Excerpt from an interview by Gösta Alexandersson, about his meetings with Ingrid Ström Artist. ”I am very impressed with Ingrid’s great width as an artist in the various techniques she mastered from Oil, Copper Graphics, Woodcuts, Linoleum, Acrylic, Textile, Lithography, Enamel etc. I do not really understand how she managed everything, she has been a work ant. In addition, Ingrid was incredibly wide in her art knowledge (art history), very general-oriented and knowledgeable and it was fun to talk art with Ingrid. Ingrid has never been afraid to go into new techniques such as Acrylic Collage, which she started with at the age of 80, which meant that she as an artist became associated with a great interest in new techniques. What few know and think about is that Ingrid is represented abroad in museums in Europe. It is great to be accepted at these museums because it is not entirely easy to take a place there. In Denmark at the Nationally Gallery of Denmark (Statens Museum for Kunst), Thorvaldsens Museum, Louisiana Museum for the modern art. In USA at the Tampa Museum of Art and in France Muse’es de la Ville de Nice, Muse’es de Menton”

Reviewed by exhibition visitors ”The painting I chose, partly because of the motif, but perhaps mostly because after what I met Ingrid I find so much else in her art. She is an outstanding person who has so much to give of her joy of life, her humility towards life and her great interest in art / Harriet Strömberg ”


Mölndal, Sweden


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Basically, Ingrid was self-taught. Later, Ingrid took a course in lithography with Gösta Andersson and courses in several techniques at KKV, the Artists’ collective workshop in Gothenburg, where she was a member from 1977 to 1997.


Acrylic, Acrylic Collage, Acrylic Wallpaper, Carbon drawings, Enamel, Fabrics, Graphic Copper, Graphic P-Litho Originalplates, Graphic Lithography, Graphic Woodcut, Graphic Linoleum, Indian Ink, Mixed Technique, Oil, Pastel, Pen drawings and Watercolor.


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