Henrik Isaksson Garnell


About me

The Swedish artist Henrik Isaksson Garnell is more than just a photographer. He is a talented inventor, sculptor, and art visionary. Instead of taking photographs of ordinary items found in nature, he distorts them and creates entirely new life forms. Working like a composer, he searches for irritating mistakes that can bring his art to a certain tune or noise, repeating it self in such a way that it creates music.

As one views Isaksson Garnell’s work as a whole, you cannot help but notice that there is an “otherworldly” aspect to it. He is staging daydreams and nightmares, he moves between surrealism and concretism to reach his aesthetic. His work can evoke a kind of “unruly” feeling, yet the artists’ restraint is what successfully seals each image as a masterpiece.






  • Kulturama Higher Photography Education, Stockholm, Sweden 2006 – 2007
  • Assistant to photographers Dawid, Andreas Kock, Karl Nordlund 2007 – 2014  






Solo exhibitions:

  • Nimbus Chokladfabriken, Stockholm, Sweden 2019
  • As above so below, as within so without,  Fabrica de arte cubano, Havana, Cuba 2017
  • Ephemera, Grundemark Nilsson Gallery, Berlin, Germany 2014
  • Apsis, Swedish Photography, Berlin, Germany 2011
  • Unplugged, SODA Gallery, Istanbul, Turkey 2011
  • Fetus, galleri ikon, Stockholm, Sweden 2008
  • Hemma Hos, Stockholm, Sweden 2007

Group exhibitions:

  • Perceptions, Grundemark Nilsson Gallery, Berlin, Germany 2016
  • Unseen Photo Fair, Grundemark Nilsson Gallery, Amsterdam, NL 2015
  • Macrocosmi, Due Ponti Lab, Bologna, Italy 2015
  • Unseen Collection, Unseen Photo Fair, Amsterdam, NL 2014
  • Swedish Photography, SP-Arte Sao Paulo, Brazil 2012
  • The Noorderlicht Photofestival, The Netherlands 2012
  • SWE NEW, Pingyao Photography Festival, China 2012
  • SWE NEW, Swedish Photography, Berlin, Germany 2012
  • Swedish Photography, Scope Basel, Switzerland 2011
  • Moscow, Russia 2009
  • Kiev, Ukraine 2009
  • Art Gallery Poltava, Ukraine 2009
  • Galleri Kontrast, Stockholm, Sweden 2009
  • Nyans, Curated Open Air Exhibition, Stockholm, Sweden 2008
  • Fotomässan, Nacka, Sweden 2007
  • Planket, Curated Open Air Exhibition, Stockholm, Sweden 2007
  • Center for Photography CFF, Stockholm, Sweden 2007
  • Fotomässan, Nacka, Sweden 2006
  • Konstfack, Stockholm, Sweden 2006


  • The National Public Art Council, Sweden
  • Private collections


  • Catalogue FIVE, Grundemark Nilsson Gallery, Germany 2015
  • Swedish Photography Catalogue FOUR, Germany 2014
  • Dissonance, Kehrer Verlag, Heidelberg, Germany 2014
  • 2140, Absolut Vodka, Brazil 2014
  • SWE NEW, catalogue Sweden 2012
  • Swedish Photography Catalogue ONE, Germany 2011
  • News People, Turkey 2011
  • Time Out Istanbul, Turkey 2011
  • Mercury Forest, Style Liquid, Spring 2011
  • Kamera&Bild nr 2, Sweden 2008

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