Helle Bakkendorf


About me

I was born in Frederiksværk in Denmark 1966. I have two daughters from my previous marriage 23 and 27 years old. Married to my husbond for 11 years. I live outside the center of Copenhagen called Ishoej.

Photography was my secret passion since I in 1984 attended a secondary school for photography and art, just before leaving for Greece. I got distant from the photography until I 1 year ago, went through a personal trauma. Not to loose my self, I regained the ability to be aware of the passion and beauty in places I passed on my daily walks and trips, and I had an urge to capture those moments, and nurse the images until I could feel the love and passion fill me up.

I hope the vibes in my pictures will give you the same feeling of being emotionally full and loved.


Copenhagen, Denmark




I finished college and travelled in 1985 to Greece to work as a Tourist Guide, and later as a Bartender for 10 years. Back in Denmark, I have/and still do work in the security business, investigating internal fraud, and detect shoplifting for 24 years.



I take pictures with my Huawei P30, and in some cases create a collage with stickers I make from other pictures, by cutting an object out and add to the image I want to create. Various lights and special effects in different programs, depending on each piece.


My inspiration varies, but often come from an urge to express an emotion I get when I see a place or a building. A flash I get in my mind, and other artists on Pinterest or Instagram will often be the inspiration.

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