Heli Mäki-Arvela


About me

I am a visual artist, today mostly working with painting. I create many of my paintings by combining smaller paintings together; my aim is to visualize my view that the present reality is a mixture of things from the past and future and depending of the view point. With combining I try to tell the whole story.

I am interested of time and movement and in some paintings (like the Kiss, Boulevard) I try to get the viewer to take part in the happenings of the painting; the viewer gets a chance to influence the time of happenings by choosing his/her speed to walk in front of the painting.

Apart of my art studies I have studied video- and multimediaproduction and worked as a scenographer,costumer and as a light designer.

In 2016 I finnished my studies as Master of Arts, not in studio working but as a community artist.


Turku, Finland




Master of Arts (applied visual arts, community art as my main subject)


Tempera on linen (mostly)

Sources of inspiration:

human beings, the perception of the world around me


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