Helga Sigurdardottir


About me

I have painted with water and oil color for many years. My newest experiment has been creating light sculptures made of Japanese paper and wire. An electric light within the sculpture creates an even more powerful color play.
I am one of 15 members of Art Gallery 101 situated in Laugarvegur 44, 101 Reykjavík. Our webshop is artgallery101.is.
I am also one of artists in articeland.is

My workshop is in Smidjuvegur 74 in Kópavogur, Iceland.
In 2008 in the 60th edition of The International Artist Magazine there was an article of 10 pages about the creation of my art.
I am also working as a physical therapist for a part-time work.


Kópavogur, Iceland

Contact info:



My background as an artist has been through numerous courses in the Art School of Kópavogur. In 2015 I graduated with a BA degree as an art historian from the University of Iceland.

Previous exhibitions:

I have held many exhitions both private and with others:

  • The 1st International Watercolor Exhibition and Festival of IWS Finland 2019
  • Dutch Design Week 2016
  • Anarkia Kópavogur 2014
  • Listasal Idu Reykjavík 2010
  • Saltfisksetrid Grindavik 2008

    See more in www.helgasigurdardottir.com



Intuition and flow are leading me in creating my art whether it is painting with oil or watercolor or making sculptures. I paint both figurative and abstract. The nature is always the underlying element whether it is from tulips, waves, waterfalls or glaciers.


The Icelandic nature with its powerful contrast of ice and fire has been my main inspiration. I am fascinated by water in all forms especially waves. Good memories and experience playing in waves in the Bahamas is also a deep inspiration.

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