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Gustavo Aguerre is a photographer, visual artist, film director, scenographer, interior designer, poet and writer. He was also guest Professor and Master examiner in Umeå’s University Art High school and guest Professor at the Faculty of Biological Engineering at the Uppsala University. He has received the Honorary Price of the City of Stockholm and the Architecture Price of North Sweden. 

Aguerre was born in Buenos Aires. He learned photography with the Master Angel Rezza. He studied film direction with the filmmaker Simon Feldman. In 1973 he published the paper SoloSol with poetry, comix and interviews. It was the first underground paper of its kind in South America, now in the collection of MoMA NY. He had to leave the country persecuted by the military.
Aguerre settled in Munich where he studied art in the Art Academy. Later he moved to Mallorca where he created various Art groups and participated in many art exhibitions in art spaces as well as in the public spaces.
He moved to Stockholm. He created the art group FA+ that collaborated with many experts in different disciplines. Presently he has several ongoing art projects. The Universal Library is the most spread art concept that creates street installations consisting of quotes from famous local authors (it has been installed permanent in Stockholm, Oslo, Copenhagen, Umeå and many others. Aguerre participated in the 16th International Art Biennials; his work is in the collection of the Art Museums of New York, Stockholm, Buenos Aires, and many others. Aguerre is a holder of several Swedish Art Grants and Scholarships. For more information look at fa-art.se

Explore his work in the film Art for Real;



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Ja. Boka en tid med mig så jag är på plats






  • Foto och filmregi, Argentina
  • Måleri, Tyskland
  • l


    Varierar beroende för projekt


    Kvinnor och mat


    • Två utställningar Om Smitta som skulle göras i juni-augusti i Borås och Göteborg konstmuseer på grund av pandemi har flyttats (preliminärt) till oktober.
    • Jobbar med Kaliningrad Taken Over en foto/tecknad bok
    • En bok om Cardigans och Omeletts med Marie Victoria, text och foto.
    • Eros & Thanatos, en erotisk fotoserie i stor format.
    • Self-Ies en tecknad utställning och bok.

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