Gunilla Larborn


About me

My LIFE-EXPECTATIONS are bigger than my LIFE-EXPERIENCES!!! I am a “passionist” and “possibilist” and I always see the World with my Glasses as an academic sociologist: What’s happening here? In my Way the World needs a New “pippisk” Attitude!!! The recurrent Figure – from Girl to very old Woman or Man – is some kind of Alter Ego. I often write:
Live your Life as someone left The Gate open… or Why are We here, if not for Each Other?

People say: “Her pictures can be read for Years, Expressionist, Romantic PopArt, modernist, seems happy – but deep and serious, naked, violent, direct, enormous storyteller. Too much is Beautiful, anything can happen, The Dark help us over to The Light, The Big AdventureHeart… Smash her shape, and pippinilla is still there… And at last – Never give up!”


Copenhagen, Denmark

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Sociologist Gothenburg University and lifelong art education and experimentation.


My Vision since many Years is: “Crazy enough to Re-Make The World”… Art is my Way of Daily living. Always ongoing with some creative Projects… Al materials are dancing in my Air! Where Attention goes, Energy floats. I’m a ColorFan with pink and glittering as my Brand.


This is my Daily Way of Communication!!! My unique and peculiar “Gunilla-universe” include both The busy Life on “Strandvejen” in Copenhagen, close to the giraffes in Kenya, and enjoying The Silence at my Lake “Tolken” in Sweden.

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