Guðrún le Sage


About me

My name is Guðrún le Sage de Fontenay and I live Reykjarvík. I have been working in graphic design and painting since I graduated from the School of Visual Arts and Crafts in Iceland 1989.
I grew up in the countryside, south coast of Iceland on a farm called Útgarðar. Surrounded by beautiful volcanoes such as Eyjafjallajökull and Hekla. Black sands, glaciers and the beautiful highlands. What I want to achieve with my pictures is that people feel inner peace and stillness when looking at the picture.


Reykjavík, Iceland




  • Graphic designer from the School of Visual Arts and Crafts in Reykjavik Iceland (Listaháskóli Íslands).


Oil colors on canvas & water colors on paper. The technology I use for oil paintings is a layer-by-layer process that is usually done over a long period of time.


Pure Icelandic nature and its unique serenity is what gives me endless inspiration. I use the vibrant color palette of the Icelandic highlands. Variety of all weather conditions, black sands, glaciers and the beautiful color both in winter and on the unique and bright Icelandic summer nights.


Previous exhibitions:

  • Sólon / Bankastræti / 2011
  • Story center in Hvolsvöllur / 2013
  • Story center in Hvolsvöllur / 2015

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