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About me

Fríða Björk Gylfadóttir or “Fríða” as I am usually called, live in Siglufjörður, Icelands northernmost village with my husband and our two dogs I grew up in Reykjavík and have been drawing and painting for as long as I can remember.
I took some art classes as a kid at Myndlistaskóli Reykjavíkur.

In 1974 I had the lead women role in the mini tv series Paradise reclaimed my Halldór Laxness. It was a fantastic experience fo me being so young and I’ll always remember it.
About the same time I started experimenting with making hats. Most were inspired from my great-grandmother that used to run a hat shop in Reykjavík.
After moving to Siglufjörður, in 1993, I started painting and drawing again, after a long break. Living out in the country gave a nice boost of power and energy and my works became more in number and variety. My first studio I opened in 2003. I lost my job at the bank in Siglufjörður in 2015 and opened, following that, a café at my studio at Túngata 40a, based on my husbands idea, where I produce handmade chocolate and exhibit my art.


Siglufjörður, Iceland

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Courses as a kid at art school

Previous exhibitions:

  • 1998 Suðurgötu 10, Siglufirði
  • 2000 Ráðhúsi Siglufjarðar
  • 2007 Startart listamannahús, Reykjavík, exhibition of my chairs
  • 2007 Gerðuberg, “Handverkshefð í hönnun”, two of my chairs in a joint exhibit with others
  • 2010 Héðinsfjarðartrefillinn í göngunum, I started a project of knitting 17km of a 30cm wide scarf to reach from downtown Siglufjörður through a new tunnel to downtown Ólafsfjörður and finished it on time
  • 2010 Héðinsfjarðartrefillinn í Hofi, exhibited the scarf in whole
  • 2011 Héðinsfjarðartrefillinn í Ráðhúsi Reykjavíkur, exhibited the scarf in whole
  • 2012 “heitt og kalt”, Kaffi Költ, Akureyri, paintings where I was trying to find out the colour I wanted to paint our house indoor ?
  • 2013 “Tengsl”, Listhús Ófeigs, Skólavörðustíg 5, Reykjavík, a series of paintings I did about different kinds of families
  • 2015 Bæjarlistamaður Fjallabyggðar, Artist of the year in Fjallabyggð(combined Siglufjörður, where I live, and Ólafsfjörður, the next town over)
  • 2015 Listhús Ófeigs, Skólavörðustíg 5, Reykjavík, celebrated my fiftieth birthday and exhibited my paintings of the horses
  • 2015 Townhall Fjallabyggðar, general exhibit, because on my being artist of the year 2015
  • l


    Paintings, work with chairs


    All kinds of things, people around me, nature, my own thoughts and experience

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