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About me

” Conscious exploration and enhancement of mind/body’s abilities, psychology and the nature that we all are . . . ”

Eleni Tzima grew up in Greece, spending her childhood in Athens and in a small beautiful village in Preveza, a city nearby the Ionian Sea. Nowadays she lives and does her work in Sweden.

Her studies at first consisted of Applied Foreign Languages in Management and Commerce and as far back as she can remember she has been an artist; an artist of life.

From a very young age, she was trained systematically in gymnastics. These years created a foundation for her understanding of her body’s abilities and general psychology.
The early experiences of her life began to grow more consciously after she had been introduced to meditation techniques.

Through her art, she expresses the aspects of herself in relation to her personal growth and self-awareness. She has grown her skills and knowledge in the fields of 3D modelling, photography and new media. Her work consists of Digital 3D sculptures, portraits and abstract art with symbolic approach servicing as reminders for those who work with their own awareness and Self-realisation.


Stockholm, Sweden

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Self-taught/Various online courses.


3D digital art.

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Currently working on a new artwork.

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