Edita Jahovic


About me

I’m one of three children raised by father.
I’m mother to a boy and one girl, working part time job and painting at night. I’m from Belgrade, Serbia (Ex Yugoslavia) and lived in Norway since 2016.

I have always been interested in drawing and painting with some touches of photography. I was painting for myself trying to find myself but haven’t got there yet. When i was 13 years old my school books was drawn with naked bodies which I saw on night tv program. Later I started to paint anger, sadness and torture which I can relate to the war situation and the bombarding I survived in 1999. I knew I would be misunderstood so i was hiding paintings.

Later I’ve had a small atelier where I’ve teached groups of children the basics in different types of art. Later on I began with group exhibitions and to draw more art.


Asker, Norway



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  • Interior and Textile Design


Figurative abstract and spontaneous realism


Segments of moments filled with particular emotions translated with language of strokes and colors.

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