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Dag Hol (born 1951 in Hamburg) is a Norwegian figurative painter and graphic artist. He has since he was 18–19 years old practised yoga and Acem-meditation regularly and this has influenced his artistic and philosophical point of view. He made his debut as an artist with his solo exhibition in 1983 in Oslo.
His work is influenced by the old masters, from Renaissance art to Romanticism.
He has studied Indian, Chinese and Japanese classical art and philosophy as well. He has given several art-philosophical speeches in Norway, USA, India and Taiwan, some with the title ”The Art of Doing”. His main philosophy is the focusing on the craftmanship as a signature and essence of what art is all about. Its through the attitude and the way art is created which decide the spiritual energy and power in the artistic expression. He oppose to the modern view of art that the concept and the ideas in art is the most important and central. He means that the concept and the ideas emerge from the way the art is done.
”Whoever marries the spirit of this age will find himself a widower in the next.” , Soeren Kierkegaard.


Olso, Norway.

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Language and litteratur studies in Nordic, French and German at University of Oslo, Royal Art Academy in Oslo, 1980-84.


Oilpaintings and Lithographs.


European classical art, European and Asian philosophy and culture.


At Dag Hols solo exhibition in The City Hall of Oslo in March 2012 and 2016 more than 3000 people attained the opening and more than 22000 people came to the show during three weeks.

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