Cong Quoc Ha



Born 1955. Since graduating from the Hanoi Industrial Fine Arts University, my works are shown in hundred of exhibitions worldwide, including international fairs such as the Documenta in Germany, the Euro D’Art in Geneva as well as in international exhibitions from Buenos Aires to New York, Paris, Singapore, Tokyo and Melbourne.

I also received numerous awards for my works worldwide.

  • The first nude exhibition in Vietnam, in 1992, where I had 20 paintings at the show.
  • Between 1995 and 2000 I served as Deputy Secretary General of Hanoi Fine Arts Association
  • Chairman of the Young Painter Club, Vietnam Fine Art Association between 1995-1999.
  • The Hanoi branch of the Vietnam Fine Arts Association between 2010 and 2014.


Linköping, Sweden



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Hanoi Industrial Fine Arts University



I has made many experiment from unmixed lacquer , I always carries out both sort simultaneously , as a supplement to each other according to every subject and theme. 
Lately, I am working on my new collection with about 30-40 oil paintings
Graphic and paper cutting are my favourite techniques, too. 


I love my motherlands landscape and people and I hope I can keep the beauty of them.

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