Claudio Orosco


About me

When I observe the world, I can’t put together all the impressions into words. The impressions form into reality when I paint. I can’t deny that everything I am and have experienced has shaped what and how I paint. The challenges I have faced as a stranger in a foreign country, the relationships and love I have shared and teared have all come together in what became my colour palette.

I believe that every human being has a desire for communication and understanding. But when you listen to someone talking, you decide what you understand from what you hear. For me, my language is my art, of which the colours are my words.

When you look at my art, you decide how to interpret the emotion it awakens in you.



Malmö, Sweden







Acrilyc, Markers and Graphic Art


People always ask me what my art means or what my intentions are with my paintings. But the answer is that there is none. My art is just as abstract as my feelings.


Previous exhibitions:

  • The exhibition Under Construction – Digital kulturnatt – Stockholm 18/4-2020
  • Vernissage- Galleri Ocampo – Malmö 18/6–20111
  • SMEK Kunstforening – Esbjerg/DK 2011
  • Julleudstillning 2010 Gallerie Atelier Bogh -Ribe/DK 27/11- 2010

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