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I love art because it makes me happy and I love to share my work with you. Prior to this day I have been working through various media such as photography, video and installations. Then, during a recent illness, I got bedridden and sedentary, and instead of watching TV I begun to curiously experiment with creative apps to find out about digital art. Until now I have had so munch fun, I cannot stop!

I guess anyone who has ever been in a creative process recognizes the idea of going beyond themselves in moments of artistic bliss. For me it is to center and become more authentic. I often work as if I were blind with only my inner, third eye open. In art, I know how to reach further and cross borders, far better than in any other area. I have come to understand this, not through being an artist, since it is implied, but in a different context. In daily practice of yoga over several years. I have also discovered a healing, more expansive dimension of my work which has fallen more and more into place. Now my art is more spiritual than before.
These works were made during a challenging period of my life when I was frequently put to the test. I often wondered when it all would come to an end. Then finally, I saw something – an unused artistic gear! When I switched it on, it was vibrating of life, as if saying: “Your point of return, your point of return!”. Therefore, I tell you, these pictures can pull you out of stormy waters – just like they did to me. Please enjoy!


Vallda, Sweden

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  • 2013 Photography, conformation and the creative process, Valand Academy of Art, University of Gothenburg, Gothenburg, Sweden
  • 1998-2004 Higher education in the fine arts, Valand Academy of Art, University of Gothenburg, Gothenburg, Sweden


Illustrations, digital art, photo


Remote, abandoned places and close warm-hearted friends. Any kinds of books, literature and movies.

Current projects:

I’m in the making of booklets and postcards

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