Charlotta Thysell


About me

For many years I have used color and form to express my feelings and thoughts. I find a great peace of mind, in that creative moment with my self. Two years ago, my feet landed on Öland. Here I got in an inspiring way to learn more about Vedic Art which is a method and a pedagogical approach developed by the Swedish artist Curt Källman. With the help andd exciting guidance from the 17 Vedic principles and the wonderful teaching team, I was able to follow my heart in the painting in a magical way. My wish is to reach out and inspire people to want to express themselves in an unpretentious and joyful way through painting.





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  • The first step in Vedic Art. The 17 Principles, the Vedic Art method’s creative practical exercises and unpretentious approaches. The basic course was prepared by the method’s founder Curt Källman in the years 1974-1988.
  • Continuation course in Vedic Art, prepared by Curt Källman in the 1990s. In-depth study, repetition and additions to the 17 principles.
  • Occasional courses in symbolic painting.


Paints with acrylic, watercolor and other materials that give exciting effects to the creation.


I paint from my heart, feelings and inspiration of my surroundings.

Previous exhibitions:

  • Skånes konstrunda – Skanörs Gästis 2019
  • Skanörs Bibliotek
  • Askims Bibliotek
  • Ditt Galleri, in Gothenburg

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