Cecilia Setterdahl


About me

Born and raised in Sweden, emigrated to Switzerland in 1988.
Gallery and Studio Bellevue together with 4 other women in Neuchatel.
In 2012 decided to try to transfer the designs of my paintings to hand knotted carpets.
This continues today on a bespoke limited edition model. In 2015 we moved to Dubai Design District in Dubai surrounded by others creating designs and ideas.

A summary of my work is a pure geometric form and vibrant hue dominate the colour fields.
By way of clean geometric shapes that stack and fold, swivel, meet and recede into void space, it renders
soothing and meditative pictures in the virtual visual plane either in canvas and carpets.


Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Contact info:



  • Lulea University, Sweden
  • Konstskolan, Stockholm,
  • Academy de Meuron and M Art, both Neuchatel, Switzerland
  • l


    Two Mediums:

  • Acrylic on Canvas
  • Hand made wool bespoke carpets.
  • Inspiration:

    Inspiration for me is found everywhere, it is all around; an angle of a roof or an un-expected colour combination. However, my inspiration usually comes at night when it is quiet and I have the time and space to process all I have seen consciously and sub-consciously during the day.

    Current projects:


    • Stockholm and Ronneby Sweden
    • Neuchatel, Lausanne, Geneva Switzerland
    • Combined exhibitions in Brussels, Paris, London, New York, Dubai , Abu Dhabi and Hong Kong.

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