Cecilia Arvidsson



My name is Cecilia Arvidsson i’m 25 years old. Born in Colombia and raised here in Sweden, in a little town called Lindome.

I think i’ve always had a creative side since i was a little girl. Whether it was singing dancing or painting. I would say i’m quit spontaneous creator and if i get an idea i need to go and try it out before i forget what it was.

In my creative process i like to try new things and experiment with tools and materials just to see what would happen and what the result would be. The thing with abstract that i enjoy doing is that is really no limits or right or wrong, it is really up to the observant. If you are happy doing what you do no one can tell you otherwise!



Lindome, Sweden



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LBS (Ljud och Bildskolan)
BTH (Blekinges Tekniska Högskola)



Acryllics and watercolors.
I’ve found a love for different textures, patterns and colors so i use whatever material i need for that specific look i’m going for. Photography, nature, animals, places and events.


Nature, music, other artist, daily life, my one thoughts and life experience. 

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