Ayad Abidnoor


About me

I wander in drawing and color, and have attempted many mediums, techniques, and ideas throughout my lifetime. I repeat to myself daily, “There is nothing as boring as when everyone agrees with you.” And yet I am still experimenting in the most contentious areas of reality without prejudice to the rules of the human game. Art, being too individualistic, causes many people to think that it reflects, in some way, the artist’s life.

My experiences reflect what I think and what I want to say about what happens in every moment of this world around me, and whether this action is worthwhile or not. It is enough for me that I am the master of the attempt, my hands moving and my heart beating, and my mind working on experimentation and the visual, conceptual, and philosophical proposition which by the end of the day, we call ”artwork”.

For me, fine art is an infinite source that will forever continue to inspire me, and drawing will remain the most important thing in my life. Everything that is related to the breaking of rules and the deviation from custom, is the rebellion that the production of visual concepts as a tool of communication is no less important than speech. I have the conviction that art is a great responsibility, and that it is the powerful, driving motive of all the city talismans we have in it, and that the artist is a ”holy” being, according to my beliefs.

I am an artist from Mesopotamia, I live now in this amazing expanse of human civilization. It would be helpful if art allowed me to add something to this journey, and mean something to art as a whole. I worked on what I consider many personal projects in painting. I have a passion for sculpture as well.

I draw illustrations for children’s books and I created many illustrations for poetry collections of poets in my generation. I also designed many book covers and posters. I have artworks in the Netherlands, Japan, India, Norway, Germany and Denmark. I have always had many disappointments in my life, but I am very happy that drawing did not and will never let me down. I am a free artist as long as I try.


Norway and Denmark



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  • Bsc. Elec. Engineering
    I studied art privately for more than twenty-five years, and I was taught by great artists from Iraq and later in Norway.


I work with every material that is usable and useful in producing excellent quality artwork.


Everything that is strange and nothing like it, in every detail of this universe.

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