Åsa Spång


About me

I’m a new digital photo artist, I experiment with colours and shapes digitally from images I have taken on flames of fire, which makes me constantly evolving.

I have previously wondered why I like to photograph flames in campfires and then make digital art of them; I got the answer from my zodiac sign ”Leo” (Leos belong to the Fire element of the zodiac).

When I create my art I usually do it early in the morning when everyone else is asleep, then I can be in the present and completely cut off from thoughts and impressions, the colors and motifs are created from my inner emotions, impressions and images that comes to me.
I have a company KOSI Design AB a small Design and Printing company where I make High Quality Prints of my art with Nature – Friendly ink, Nature-Friendly and Recyclable Products that does not fade away. My originals are on recycled aluminum panels.


Nynäshamn, Sweden

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Self-taught photograph and photoshop user.




My own inner source of inspiration.

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