Arnvid Aakre


About me

I’m an expressionistic painter with a dash of surrealism.

In 1953 I saw the light by the Hardangerfjord. Had the first solo-show in Oslo 1984, and next year, an official art project at Molde International Jazz Festival. 1985 the group exhibition ”Between Berlin and New York” at Wang Kunsthandel, Oslo, along with the ”Norwegian Contemporary Art Calendar 1986.

To make a long story and many exhibitions short, in 1988/89, I created a massive art project based upon a woman ruler from ancient Egypt. Twenty artists and patronage from UNESCO in Paris, sponsored by Lufthansa and Aker along with the Norwegian Ministry of Culture. After this project, I moved to Egypt and stayed & worked there for 14 years.

Before Egypt, I also had responsibility for an alternative art gallery in Oslo, with exhibitions for artists as Kjartan Slettemark and Christo and Jean Claude. After coming back to Norway, I was as well some years the Chairperson of Bryggen Art School in Bergen.

Apart from moving from physical paintings to digital paintings, I now do a new art project for three cities on three continents during 2021. This project is a cooperation with the legendary musician, composer and producer, HP Gundersen.

It’s all about creating a new fusion between music concerts and visual art – a customized version of the projector-based exhibitions Atelier des Lumières got in Paris. Not standard exhibitions, but the synthesis of concerts and visual art in music venues with live concerts.

Painted music video for one of HPs projects, the Chinatown Bluesband with Dylan’s ‘Forever Young’:


Bergen, Norway

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Two artists managed to teach me something about colours; Lars Tiller who studied under Fernand Léger in Paris, and Ryszard Warsinski, who was a genius with his burlesque surrealism.


My background is with physical painting, large canvases and acrylic. Last decade I painted digitally with Wacom MobileStudio Pro & Corel Painter. Similar to physical painting, brand new options.


When born in Norway, Munch is part of the roots. Mimmo Paladino and Salomé are in my big-league, along with some master artists who lived 3500 years ago in Ancient Egypt. Oh yeah, life itself too.

Current projects:

  • The DigiSeed project, making open edition art affordable, and limited editions investable.
  • The Concert-Visual Art Project together with HP Gundersen in New York, Bergen and Shanghai, 2021.

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