Annika Rolfsdotter


About me

My name is Annika, a painting artist and a poet born and raised in a small village in the south of Sweden in 1972.

For as long as I can remember three things have always been constant in my life, no matter all the other circumstances: I have always had a restless soul and have had a hard time staying in one place for too long. A vagabond of sorts. I have always painted, drawn, doodled or written. It’s a passion and a need. And the inspiration to do all that has been my curiosity about the spiritual aspects of things, the mysteries of life and death and everything in between: “Who are we?”, where do we come from?”, and “What on Earth is the whole point of coming here?!” I have a Bachelor’s degree in Religious science and I DID find a few answers at the university, but the main lesson was probably: The more you learn, the more you realize that you don’t really know.

So, the quest continues…


Skurup, Sweden

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Autodidact. I guess I am just one of those who have always drawn, doodled or painted, using art as a means to sort my thoughts and relax. Therapy, if you like.


Mostly acrylic, but also aquarelle, and in the past oil colors.


I’ve always had very vivid dreams, possibly as a result of having also a very vivid imagination, and many motifs originate from my nightly “adventures”. Also the human experience of life, myth and folklore, and, of course the beauty of nature.

Current projects:

  • Between the moon and my mindA hundred and one poems, now available on Amazon

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