Anne Popescu


About me

I am a self-taught artist with a previous background of working in chemistry. My main technique is dry pastel, which I first learned from my father. Both my parents painted in their spare time, and their profound interest in art influenced me greatly.

I have chosen to paint subjects that I find provide a creative challenge, where a transformation from real to abstract takes place. I will work with a central idea or symbol, which I try to approach closer and closer. I wish to give an observer the possibility to find new possibilities of seeing and re-imagining reality. I have been inspired by Picasso’s ideas of simplifying the image, and by the great masters of pastel painting, Odilon Redon and Edgar Degas. In the present I am mainly attracted by surrealism because all dreams and unaccomplished fantasies create a new reality beyond real and surreal where everything is possible.


Malmö, Sweden





Previous exhibitions:

  • Polypeptide Laboratories AB, Malmö: 2005, 2009
  • Malmö City Art and Design Market, 2016
  • Art in Advent, Malmö, 2016
  • Rosengård Library, Malmö, 2017
  • Vellinge town hall, 2017
  • Vellinge Gästis, 2017
  • Gallery Engleson Caroli, Malmö, 2017 
  • Gallery Alma, Easter exhibition 2018
  • Burlöv Center, Spring salong  2018
  • Topp gallery Höllviken, juli 2018
  • Glaskul on Kallerholm, Easter exhibition 2019


Dry pastel
Mix-media: acrylic, dry pastel, ink


As I mentioned before, Picasso taught me how to develop the freedom of forms, the masters of pastels taught me the pastel technique and the surrealism taught me that the fantasies have no limits.

Current projects:

During 2020, I am planning to develop my surrealistic art as imagination and mix-media technique. I work for the exhibition “Gallerinatten” who turned into The week of the Gallery due to corona pandemic.

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