Anne Gro Starefoss Greve


About me

Inspired by the nordic fauna, mountains and fjords. Educated as a decorator, and worked for many years as manager of purchasing and marketing for Tilbords; a Norwegian chain of interior shops. Designer and founder of Nordic Weather, a clothing brand producing elegant and high-quality outdoor garments. I’ve always been painting and drawing on my spear time, but are now enjoying creating artwork on a full-time basis – with a particular interest in acrylic painting on canvas, pastel, chalk and digigrafi.


Bergen, Norway

Studio visits:

Yes.  Book a time with me for visits. 

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Dekoratør, markedsfører, designer


Acryl maling


Mine inspirasjonskilder er Fjord, Fjell og Fauna fra turer på sjøen eller høyfjellet. Mitt hjemsted Bergen er omgitt av vakker natur.

Current projects:

18 January – 1 February: Hägernäs Strands Galleri. Grand Opening 18 Jan 11-16. Welcome!

Dr Holms Hotel: 15 feb – 1 mars

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