Anne Elisabeth Nitteberg


Om mig

Anne Elisabeth was born in a little village outside Oslo, Norway. After drawing and painting from young age, family and a long career in the world of computers from the ’70s, made her put her brushes in a drawer until 2000. After she retired, painting has been her new life. She has attended exhibitions in Norway, France, China, Austria, and Italy.
She strives to visualize the unknown and the indefinite in nature. To give the feeling of movement and constant change we are living in as a part of the Universe. She wants to lead you in a journey into eternity by forms, lines and colours.
After living a few years in France, she moved back to Norway and is now living in Byglandsfjord, the entrance to one of the most beautiful and enchanting valleys in Norway, Setesdal.
Besides painting for herself, she works to show painting as a therapy and a road to self-expression.
Byglandsfjord, 8. september 2016


Byglandsfjord, Norge

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