“As soon as I start to paint, it feels like I’m entering in another world.” Minna Pärttö relies on intuition to guide her when she loses herself in her art. An exercise that allows her to thrive in the present moment.

– I don’t plan my work and sometimes I almost feel like I’m just an observer. It surprises me every time what colours show up. For example, right now my artworks are quite mystical and dark coloured compared to my earlier works, which were very light in colours. 

– For sure paintings are connected to my emotions, particularly those subconscious ones. 


Every painting consists of multiple layers of paint. According to Pärttö, layering the paint adds a certain depth to the paintings. The paintings resemble concrete walls elevated by a shower of paint in various nuances of grey, blue, black, and sometimes yellow. A source of inspiration is the balance and harmony that she finds in her environment, notably the small details that she picks up on in buildings and nature.

– I am very creative when it comes to painting tools. You can use whatever tool that feels right, there are no rules for that. My favourite tool is a cake knife stolen from my kitchen. I also love hardware stores, you can find everything from there!


The very process of creating art, whether one is a writer or a painter, can be described as an act of volitional solitary confinement. It is a painstaking process in which a person is isolated from any outside contact for a few moments, and the artist is forced to look deeply within themselves to find something that may or may not resonate with the people who consume the art. The alienation can be scary for some but for Pärttö it can be quite liberating. 

– The painting process is like a break from the techno-rational world. There is no need for words or rationalizations. It is like a safe haven for me and I feel very connected and comfortable. 

Somehow I have an enormous trust for the painting process. Errors and falses are often the most intriguing details in paintings. Actually, I believe that there are no mistakes in the painting process but instead every action brings me closer to the final result. It is very liberating.

Lux Brumalis

How did you feel when you began to showcase your art to the world via Instagram and other social media?

– I’m very pleased and happy that I’m being noticed. A lot has happened since I published my art on Instagram. It is really amazing and I am very grateful for that.

Is it scary to have your art, something so personal to you, on such an expansive platform? 

– I think, as long as I am true and honest to myself it is enough. It is all that matters, really. It is about listening to your true authentic self.


You can find more of Minna Pärttö’s art here.