Prepare your portfolio

Use this link to upload your portfolio

Photographing the artworks

It is important to photograph with good light, preferably during daylight. If you have the opportunity to take your painting outdoors or to a bright room, it helps a lot!

Shoot your artwork from the front so it looks straight and proportioned. If you experience light reflections on the surface, try moving the artwork to another location. If you create sculptures or other three-dimensional art, photograph the artwork from different angles. A close-up can also be good so we see the material better.

Blurred images are never fun, and especially not when it comes to your beautiful art. Make sure the images are sharp! Rather too many pictures than too few, you can delete later.

Remember to not miss any corners of the artwork, everything should be included in the photo. It is also important that it is not obscured by other objects. Vases, cords or curtains should not cover the artwork, it disturbs the view.

Writing the portfolio text

This is the chance for visitors to find out more about you. Follow the questionnaire and enter your texts exactly as you want them to be presented. A CV or exhibition text is good material for yourself to use when writing this text, but it is important that you write a new text that fits this purpose. Try to keep it structured, and gladly list any courses / exhibitions in time order.

In the ”About Me” text you are free to tell about yourself and your artistry. Whether you want to be personal or factual, concise or detailed is entirely up to you. Here we want to hear your voice! Have a familiar read through the text before submitting it so that you have not made any typos or missed anything.

Welcome to our colourful family!