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Artportable: A Creative Haven Connecting Global Artists

Let's delve into the world of Artportable, a startup based in Stockholm, and explore how it's making its mark in the art industry.
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Jacobsgården – En konstnärlig oas mitt på Österlen

Mitt på härliga Österlen, ligger Jacobsgården, här har Per Enochsson skapat en oas för både semesterfirare och konstnärstalanger. Innan Per tog över Jacobsgården från sina svärföräldrar drevs gården som ett lantbruk med grisar, höns, hästar, katter och kor. Trots att Per är uppvuxen på en bondgård hade han andra planer på hur livet på gården skulle se ut.
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Sara Bergman satsar på konstnärskapet efter pensionen

Sara Bergman upptäckte sitt kall när hon hittade gamla konstnärsmaterial på vinden i hennes sommarhus i Dalarna. Sara som alltid intresserat sig för konst testade materialet och hennes stora intresse för konst vaknade.
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Marits art gives the forest a sense of humanity

With ink and pencils, Marit creates her carefully detailed black and white paintings. The inspiration for her art comes from nature, and the paintings lets the viewer take part of the peacefulness that rests within the forest, and almost lures your eyes to search for mythical creatures among the branches of the trees.
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Creativity is a necessity for Gunny Brørby

In the small town of Kragerø on the southern coast of Norway, Gunny Brørby has found her place on earth. In an old school building she has not only built her home, but also a space for her art and yoga studio where she also works as an art spirit coach.
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Pia makes jewelry inspired by the landscape

Inspired by the billowing landscape in Östergötland, the goldsmith Pia Bark is constantly bursting with new ideas. With nearly 30 years of experience in the field, Pia creates jewelry to make you feel as though you're wearing a piece of the Swedish landscape on your body.
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Morten Klementsen: "Art doesn’t have to look nice, it has to work"

Morten Klementsen is working with the art form AI-art or digital art. With a background in advertising and graphic design, he has learned the graphic rules - and now he breaks them in order to create art.
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Så blev konsten en kontrast mot Hans Henrik Christensens arbete i krigshärjade länder

Efter många år som polis med utstationering i krigshärjade länder uppstod ett starkt behov av kontrast för Hans Henrik Christensen. Det var då han fann lugnet i måleriet.
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The painter Annica Hallman is living with the disease ME: "I see no obstacles in my art - I only see opportunities"

Twenty years ago, Annica Hallman contracted the disease ME - a neurological disease that causes chronic fatigue. Through her art, she wants to express strength and power.
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The Swedish art site that makes hearts sing

Many of the health effects from creativity end up in our mental state. Creativity improves our recovery in many ways and is an important tool for learning to express emotions and experience the sense of purpose and achievement. Creativity enriches our relationship with ourselves and others.
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Jeanette Routhe paints with her heart: "I want to create loving pictures"

Jeanette Routhe paints in strong colors and is inspired by poetry, love and the Cobra movement. She prefers to paint in her living room but she to do wants much more with her art.
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Einar Larz Jónsson – To be creative is a higher state of consciousness

Einar Larz Jónsson’s photography is profound yet playful, showcasing a kaleidoscopic portrait of nature’s many artifacts. In this interview, the Icelandic photographer reflects on his artistry and the year 2021 so far.
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Chris Slater depicts his beautiful surroundings in realistic paintings

Chris started painting early in life. With an eye for details and precise perspective his paintings vary between painterly realism and photo-realism.
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Katrina Larida exhibited her work at Lamb: "I use my art as an outlet"

Katrina Larida is an artist and fashion designer based in Stockholm, Sweden. Her art expresses her passion for sustainability and love of nature. She has exhibited her work at Artportable and last week she hosted an event at the co-working space Lamb.
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Kathrin Górczak makes realistic sculptures

Kathrin Górczak never thought she would dedicate herself to art. It wasn’t until she had an accident that prevented her from doing what she loved that she realised she had to find another passion.
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Benjamin Perdue utilises squares and pixilation to create artworks that subtly question what reality truly is

Art and music have always been important parts of Benjamin Perdue’s life. He started doing street art in his early twenties and now his artistry incorporates a combination of street/urban art and expressionistic stylings which he creates under the pseudonym RPBLIK.