Olli Korkala


About me

My 3rd period of life ( i.e. 20 years as a painter) started with a kind of naive symbolistic art, which even today has traces in my way of expression. After that I did a lot of ”late-impressionistic” landscape and urban vision painting, mostly with dry pastels on plywood, but also with oil on canvas. During the last few years I have gradually shifted towards abstract expressionism and abstract art.

I often have a realistic (”natural”) primary idea – for instance, some kind of a gate, bridge or a tunnel (a common motive in my realistic pictures as well). Sometimes a far horizon, or a flat surface of sea, or even a flame of fire can lead to an original idea. Still, in most cases, no special natural origin or ”seed” exists. I do a lot of ”mind-flow” art, in which there is no structural goal, just the colors and forms matter. I call this ”cold winter night painting”, because darkness, silence and solitude form the best environment for this kind of an effort. – My art has also a connection to the way a little child paints, to the infantile art. I have direct access to this by following the creations of my grand-children; I confess, that some of my best ideas are not actually mine. In my technique pouring, spraying and blowing combined with brush and palette knife help me to play with colors. Quite lately, I have done some efforts with pigment colors and bee-wax, in connection with oil painting on wood surface.


Lahti, Finland

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Several art courses, Alfa Art Art School (Helsinki), 11 years of private education.
Former profession: orthopedic surgeon. Professor.



Oil and acrylics on wood or canvas, dry pastel on wood, Indian Ink on paper


Nature, geometrics + art of: Joan Miró, Paul Klee, Emil Nolde, Vincent van Gogh, Hugo Simberg and Birger Carlstedt


Current projects:

Future exhibitions: March 2020: Pellavahuone (Pornainen, Finland); November 2020: Jade Gallery (Helsinki)

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