Lena Marie Støre Olsen


About me

I came from Skedsmokorset nearby Oslo, Norway. I loved to draw and was creative already as a kid. I tried out aquarelle as a young adult. I have drawn and used colours in my education and hobbies throughout the years. But it was first in 2020 that I for the first time tried out painting. It was like a coming home experience when I did a course in intuitive painting. Paintings just came out of my hands by itself. In the beginning, I laughed and laughed when I was painting because I didn’t really believe that it was me painting these wonderful paintings. I was often surprised by what was coming out on the canvas. It is often what’s in my life and what I’m going through or where my vibration is, even in dreams that I’m painting. I started sharing my paintings on Instagram and Facebook, artbylenamarie, and soon I got inquiries from people who wanted to buy. I also got an invitation and has been picked out to show my paintings in Nordic Art Catalogue. Also in the upcoming catalog for Europe.

Artportable also picked me out for a half-page report in Sweden’s largest newspaper, Aftonbladet.

I am an intuitive painter and my paintings often come to me inwardly. I am inspired by other artworks. I chose my motives, color and what I want to paint at the moment I’m in.






  • Svennebrev furniture carpenter incl. Technical drawing by Skedsmo vg. school
  • Leadership school for wood industry. By Technological School Oslo -Drawing, shape and color by Strømmen vg school
  • Interior designer Private and public environment. By NKI -Self-development education by ILIANA Academy – Kundalini Yoga
  • Teacher Trainer Education by Kundalini Yoga School -Yoga Works Teacher Education by BeYoga


Acrylic on canvas with hands/fingers, brush, spatel or sponge. Intuitive, abstract and figurative.


Intuition, light and color is my inspiration. My hands creates all this wonderful art for me, I just following up to be present and let my inspiration in the moment come threw on to the canvas. My hands just paints, and I follow.

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