Susanna Ladda



Mostly I observe the world around me like through a camera, with a great passion for details, atmospheres and contrasts. I love to take a peek behind all obviousness, trying to capture and to visualize the essence behind.

Inspiration is everywhere. In nature, in everyday situations and also – very unspectacular but crucial – in the working process itself with all its experiments and frustrating failures.

Usually I bring out quite dynamic and colorful works, other days I keep it straight and simple. I love to mix different kinds of colors and techniques and the approach is very plastic. Step by step, layer by layer, I work close to and almost “in” the materials. I am absolutely passionate about testing new variations within a certain theme. The infinity of possibilities almost haunts me. The perfect work is always waiting just around the corner!

The DREAM TREES are sparkling and bright but at the same time also have a certain aura of peacefulness and melancholy. Characteristic are the countless dots, put on the canvas with my bare fingertip. Every single dot makes the difference.

Whereas the DREAM TREES are firmly rooted in the ground, the COSMIC GARDENS spread out in all directions with floral, cosmic shapes slowly floating away.

A strong focus on opposites and details also stands out in the FLOWER SHOWERS made by painted and folded cardboard forms, put together into strict and symmetric compositions.

All these repetitive and monotonous working processes are quite intense and yet very meditative. Closing the studio door after a productive day fills me with satisfaction and a strong feeling of meaningfulness – which can hopefully be sensed by the viewer!

For inquiries, studio visits, collabs, commissions or to learn more, please visit www.susannaladda.com or contact me directly.


(*1968 in Gothenburg, Sweden)




Board member of the Aukio Art Studios
B. Sc. in Business Administration and Economics,
University of Gothenburg, Sweden


Acrylics, water colors, spray paint, different pens and crayons


Nature, people and good and bad day situations

Previous exhibitions:

Since 2008: Open studios, Aukio Art Studios, Pähl, Germany

2020: Solo exhibition, ”Cosmic Gardens“, Galerie Starnberger See, Feldafing, Germany
2020: Group exhibition, Gut Kerschlach, Pähl, Germany
2019 – 2020: Group exhibition, ”43. Bernrieder Kunstausstellung“, Buchheim Museum, Bernried, Germany
2019: Group exhibition, ”43. Bernrieder Kunstausstellung“, Rathaus, Bernried, Germany
2019: Art Exhibition, ”Munich Art House 2“, Lichthof, Munich, Germany
2017: Group exhibition, ”Sommergalerie – get inspired…“, Galerie Bildlich, Starnberg, Germany

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