Stick’n’rope / Sladjana Vukelic and Aleksandar Vukelic


Om mig

Stick’n’rope has become a brand after many years of experimenting with all kinds of art forms. We are a couple with great passion for making a story written with emotions wrapped in old, vintage, decayed and almost ruined.

For me (Sladjana Vukelic), it all started as a stress reliefer in a very hard time of my life. What started as a hobby very quickly took more and more of my time and has grown to a every day job and I can say it freely an obsession. I wake up and go to sleep thinking about what will I do next. It’s changed now after moving to Stockholm because we have started our lives from zero and there is not a lot of spare time to spend it on art. We are concentrated now on integrating in to the society and making life more stable for our son. We have normal daily jobs but we came here with much bigger plans for us. We just need a chance to show what we are able to create only with a little bit of imagination, a stick and rope. The name of our brand came up from very common phrase in Balkans and it relates to someone who has ability to create something using only basic tools available at that moment. Basically, being crafty and resourceful, making from scratch. A true example of someone who uses only ”sticks and rope” to make something work is my husband. He is one of those people who have discovered world of art and craft very young and see the world in his own ways. It’s just natural to see him using unconventional methods to create anything from painting, sculptures, drawings, writing, photography , tattooing etc…

Together, we combine our differences and make unique pieces. Everything is made from materials that are nature and animal friendly. Strange as they are, somehow they found their way to people’s hearts and homes.






Sladjana- University of Philosophy in Novi Sad, Aleksandar – Graphic design, bachelor degree from University of fine arts in Belgrade.



Variety of techniques (drawing, painting, sculpting, photography, graphic design, interior design, arts and crafts…)


Smell of old books, rainy days, b&w movies, old buildings, weird people on streets, punk music, love, anger and all that jazz.

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