Sara Pejlare


About me

I was born in 1970 in Gothenburg. Through my art, I want to express what is genuine. I often create on the spot, in storms as well as in sunlight. The rain on the surface (canvas/paper for example) can sometimes be part of the work and the sand along the shoreline can be mixed in the paint. Structure is also important and contemplative.

The desire is to be understood or to understand and evoke feelings of upliftment or recognition, wonderings that turns into power and a constant search where the answers recur in the created. I am interested in the impact of history and how human’s common questions about love, disappointment and power can be expressed. I stay away from common perceptions and look inside my own expressions.

I like to break conventions through mixed media and ingenuity. The answers are in every creation and are an ongoing process. The journey near and the journey far away, both in memories and future are most present in my art, as in life.

Photo by: Anna Pejlare


Photo by: Aquila Toufreau


Gothenburg, Sweden

Contact info:



  • Bachelor of fine Arts


Water colour, mixed-media, acrylic


I trust in it.

Previous projects:

  • Commissions

Various assignments for both private and public individuals and business associations including an album cover for Västfront Production.

  • Exhibitions & representations:

– Bab Al Shams Gallery,
– Kompostbutiken,
– Runö Events, Åkersberga (judged by jury -18 and -19) and Studio42, Gothenburg, several times and Italy.
– International Aquarello in Fabriano jury-judged exhibition 2018.
– Recent exhibition at Gamla Kraftstationen in Deje; purchased Karlstad kommun konstförening and at River City Gallery and Studio42, 2019.
– Galleri Rääf in Stockholm July 2020.
– Galleri Engleson, Skanör, August 2020
– Galleri Uddenberg, mixed exhibition Gothenburg, december 2020
– Galleri Engleson, Februari 2021

Upcoming events:

  • Runö Vintersalong, Åkersberga 25 jan – 31 mars 2021
  • Konsthallen Vingen, Torslanda, oktober 2021
  • Kulturhuset Komedianten, Varberg 2022

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