Nicole Morgny

Photographer & Tour Guide

About me

I’m a self educated photographer but I have been assistent to some wildlife photographer which have been a great opportunity for me to find new objects for my photographing. When I grew up my father had a Hasselblad camera which was my first contact with Photography and left a big impact of my passion for photo for sure.

In my every day life or when I travel around in the world my camera is always with me, I don’t have any specific theme or subject but it’s more like what catches my lens that day or where I am just in that moment. Sometimes when I pass something by a voice tells me that I must go back and capture it otherwise I am not content – it’s almost like a drug! I also provide some municipalities with my Photography and hope to crown my photographing with an exhibition as well in the future.


Mullsjö and Vitemölla, Sweden

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Travel agent & Tour guide, Art & Film studies, history, European studies & International relations


Canon EOS 80 D


Other photographers or artists of course. Otherwise traveling, nature, animals, music & literature

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