Nicole Morgny

Photographer & Tour Guide

About me

Welcome to my world of photos. Captured behind the lens with different motives, locations and environments!

I am a self-taught photographer, but who has gained knowledge and experience by attending various courses. I have also been an assistant to various animal and nature photographers abroad during nature film recordings etc. It has given me a fantastic opportunity to find new motives and objects and developed my knowledge in the best way possible.

When I was growing up, my father had a Hasselblad camera, which was my first encounter with photography and which clearly made a strong impression on me.

Both in everyday life and during my travels, my camera is included as my best friend. Traveling and photographing and capturing a moment is so important and wonderful too me. I just love that feeling!

I want to reflect our world with all that it entails, so beautiful and exciting, full of different things but also very vulnerable if we do not take care of it. With the motives I choose, I want to try to convey a feeling, joy or experience of a place so that the viewer almost himself experiences that he/she sees it with his/her own eyes.

I do not have a special theme or object, just sometimes. For most of the time I often let the moment decide what catches my interest or my lens that day. I prefer not to get stuck in a compartment but try to be as free in my creation as possible. I love nature, animals, landscape, art, architecture and cultural photography, but the door is always open for new motive choices when they come.

Today, I provide my photographs to some different county’s and I look forward to upcoming exhibitions and new photo projects – and trips in the future.

My camera has taught me to see and discover new worlds. My camera makes me capture the present and to feel free.


Welcome to contact me:
+46 761346808


Mullsjö and Vitemölla, Sweden

Contact info:



Travel agent & Tour guide, Art & Film studies, history, European studies & International relations


Canon EOS 80 D


Other photographers or artists of course. Otherwise traveling, nature, animals, music & literature

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