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Melanie Is Demented is an electro punk rock artist from Stockholm, Sweden. His name is Melanie Martinsson and he started out as an artist in the year 2000 and is currently signed to Wormfood Records. His music has a mixed style including rap, punk rock, alternative rock, electronica, techno and industrial. He has released 4 mixtapes, 4 EPs and 5 albums, though due to the current music industry’s lack of tangible/physical record production/sales, he coined the term ’Dement-O-Vision’ to describe the recent digital releases. With a lack of genres to compare his music to, he has also coined the term ”skräckno” as a genre, which is a play of words in Swedish which can be translated into ”horror-techno.”

In 2010 Melanie Martinsson and freelance photographer Alexander Donka worked on a photo-project depicting the recording of the latest album. In 2011 the album was successful on a zero marketing budget and sold Gold (20k), on ESC season, and also received the Impala Sales Award.

Melanie is Demented has music featured in various films, such as the Truckfighters movie. Melanie has extensively used social networking to build a fanbase.

In 2014 Melanieisdemented releases the album Blind, which is a soundtrack to a book with the same title and pseudonym. It is the most costly DIY-project in Sweden to date. The album is a themealbum which accompanies the book. The book is about what would happen if all of the worlds firearms were exchanged with oranges.

In 2015 Melanie Is Demented plays a sold-out European tour together with Portuguese indie label Chili Com Carne, and all profits go to charity. The promoted mixtape get recognised as top five of the year by various papers.

In 2016 he releases a critically acclaimed album called We Split Up Searching For You, a project describing the horrors his neighborhood suffered during 2015, with all proceeds going to charity.

He then roamed around aimlessly in the streets, painting graffiti, drinking himself to a pulp, running from cops instead of playing sports, until in 2019 when he FINALLY got into Swedish Royal Art Academy.

There he works on his new album with the working title Ulsa, his sequel to Blind -a graphic novel with the working title Kyle’s Apartment, and his new clothing line entitled KKCCBB, as seen here;


Stockholm, Sweden




The university of still kicks


Textile, Oil, Ceramics, Graphic Design, Photography, Digital Video etc.


The voices in my head.

Current projects:

I have created a machine that only WANTS to fire human teeth at extreme velocity. It will be exhibited as soon as shit opens up again. Oh, I am also in the works of a graphic novel.

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