Malin Altenby Larsen


About me

I am a restless, creative soul that in search of peace and harmony has found many ways to channel my never ending source and need to express myself. I paint and create sculptures, but I am also a gardener and beekeeper and recently I have started to write a book.

I live on an island in the Swedish archipelago and amongst many likeminded people I have found my place on earth. Everyday is filled with new ideas and inspiration, brought to me by nature and sounds and meetings with other people. I have lived in many places abroad most part of my life but when I settled I realized how important it was for me to find a place to call home. To fully enjoy the small things in life and to be inspired by possibilities for the future. I paint to share a lot of inner pictures. There is a library of strange, unsorted, sometimes beautiful and sometimes painful pictures in my head, daytime and especially nighttime. Painting them makes me reflect and understand myself better every day. I really hope they create feelings and that other people can enjoy them.


Karlskrona, Sweden

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  • Fashion-design school Mödling/ Austria
  • IED_Istituto europeo di design Rome/Italy
  • Painting and ceramic courses since 2008
  • l


    Acrylic and mixed media


    I am inspired by my unconsciousness, pictures that are created in my dreams. I am very fascinated by the human body in movement, the way it can express a variety of feelings.

    Current projects:

    • Art exhibition- Kulturrundan Aspö every year 2008 until now
    • Exhibition in public places like Litorina school, Blekingesjukhuset and restaurants.

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