Lot Winther


About me

Throughout my life, art and creativity have been qualities that flowed from the heart.
My background consists of entrepreneurs who have not rested on their laurels. The values I have have grown up with have been following my dreams no matter how much diligence, time and perseverance it takes.

This brings me into the world of art. In short, I work with one vision; bringing people together in spaces where the forces fall down and the natural curiosity and exchange flourish – I believe this is the kind of moments, short as well as long, that first lead to reflection, and then change. I make purpose through illustrations, drawings and paintings, whether it’s my own inspired ideas or in shared inspiration with others.


Valby, Denmark 

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Design & Business

Previous exhibitions:

Frirum studio exhibition in Aarhus


Illustration, drawings, watercolors and some extent acrylic paintings.


My works are deliberately centered on temporary conditions, in particular facial expressions and a playful approach to emotions and sensations.

Current projects:

Art Minds

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