Liv Berit Nyblin Løken

Artist, psychotherapist, social educator

About me

At the time being,  I am mostly interested in making art from my intuition. I don’t follow much of ”academic approach” any longer, although my background is of course playing a role how to determine the shapes, colour and composition while I play in the creative field.

I have deep interest or have huge inspiration from themes that I’m emotionally drawn too, but I also have private experiences from or other events that have had a deep impact on me. I also write poems and stories belonging to these pictures but they are not published here.

The art samples or paintings cannot be used under any circumstances without permission from the artist


Asker, Norway




  • Graphic Design
  • Classical art
  • Art teacher
  • Art- and expression therapist
  • Cand. phil. ped.

Social media:




Mixed media, painting, acrylic, drawing, collage, textile, aquarelle


Nature, humans and society, spirituality, surrealism, figurative- and nonfigurative art

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