Katharina Schmidt


About me

I have grown up in a intellectual family in Germany. Although art and music have always been a part of me since early childhood my focus was brought on science why i started medical school after finishing high school.

Being a medical doctor I moved to Sweden with my husband and two kids about 10 years ago. After years of working, getting my graduation as a GP and being a young mother I was totally exhausted and unhappy with my life. We decided to break up with everything for a while and travelled around the world for about a year with our three young kids.

This was when I finally realised that art has to be a part of my life to be balanced in body and mind and feeling connected to my soul. And it has ever since been part of my journey as a spiritual growing being…









Paintings in oil and acrylics as well as pencil and pastell drawings. Mainly visionary paintings and landscapes but even portraits and figure sketches. In most of my paintings I am just using primary colours to create my own nuances.


I have always been inspired by the human soul so it comes quite naturally that I am interested in drawing human beings and faces.

My visionary paintings come to me while meditating and working with peoples soul or higher self in their akashic records.


Current exhibitions:

  • Exhibition in Arvika autumn/winter

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