Karólína Pétursdóttir


About me

I’m called Karólína though my full name is Þórunn Karólína Pétursdóttir. I have always had a lot of imagination and a need to create. I struggled in school except when it came to anything creative, there I excelled. I did and do love reading but only what I am very interested in, so it is not surprising that I have both dyslexia and Adhd.

I have three awesome kids and the best husband, that put up with my frequently changing interests (obsessions). It used to bother me that I could not just focus on one or two things, but now I have embraced it. I wrote, illustrated, and published a fantasy novel with the help of my best friend Elsa how is also the co-owner and artist at are art label Karel Icelandic Art. Things I have learned and love are an endless inspiration to me.


Reykjavík, Iceland

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I have a background in acting, singing, film making and in visual art. I have a bachelor’s degree in archaeology which I studied because of my love of history and anthropology. Threw my whole life I have studied art, design, and art history in both formal and informal ways.


I have in the past worked in most media, but I have mostly been drawing with pencil and/or ink on paper. I am doing experiments with colour pencils, acrylic paint, water colours, markers, and pastels.


Nature, especially Icelandic nature is a big inspiration in my artwork. I have always had a fascination with folklore, mythology, and fairy tales. History and culture frequently inspire my work.

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