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Niina and Kalervo Karlsson are the first Scandinavian designers that have managed to break the ice of the Parisian high fashion elite. They are being described as technicians and architects of modern couture. After putting the dress making aside. I have focused totally in the world of photography and retouching. Found a world of my own. Where impressions meet the form. Catching the moment which is the hardest part. With retouching I can do a lot but the moment has to be photographed. And from there the work starts. I would love to do projects with Scandinavian artists and clients. Commercial and Art.

The Story of Beauty and the Beast Within

I got the idea around the time of Art Deco & Jazz between the 2 world wars.
The Bohemian life of Montmartre, Moulin Rouge, Opium and Decadence and Can Can Girls with feathers in their hair.

And mixing that with the idea of Beauty and Beast classic story.
In this case Not a love story but a struggle inside a mind.
Spiritual =The deconstructivity of a personality.
Beauty and the Beast within.
Parallel personalities in layers struggling in process of inner change.

The first 4 pictures are ready. ( There might be 1-2 more coming.) All these pictures are meant to work alone too. Not necessary whole serie. Depending the customer.

Silisec®-Print in 3mm Acrylic Museumquality:
70x70cm = 247 €
100x100cm = 470 €
120x120cm =  654 €
Maximum 5 prints per image worldwide
70x70cm = 1406 €
100x100cm = 1680 €
120x120cm = 1910 €


Helsinki, Finland

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Kommer snart: www.kalervokarlsson.com


Bakrund i haute couture i Paris med eget modemärke. Autodidakt fotograf – jag målar med ljus och jag kallar det “paint-o-grafi”.


Måleri med ljus


Impressionism; Cezanne, Van Gogh, Monet, Kubism; Picasso, Mozart, naturen


Bringing Mania Jewels to an international market starting with Jewel Street in the UK.

The Portrait of Liisa Evastina

In this picture i was really mixing impressionism and cubism together. In cubism there were problems near the corners, because the paintings were collapsing to the center of painting like stars collapse into black holes in the sky.
I tried the opposite way, expanding into the light from the center. Universe is expanding while on the inside of universe the materia is collapsing into black holes.
That was the key into this picture.
I love to photograph women.
” When i can see your soul, i will paint your eyes” Said Modigliani long ago.
And i try to feel that. When i can see the soul i will photograph it.
When i dont.
I dont show the eyes. Thats my motto to portraits. Does not necessarily mean some picture is better than the other. Just trying to be honest to the inner feeling.

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