Jimmy Wänfelt



My name is Jimmy, I’m 29 and live in Hagsätra south of Stockholm. I grew up in Huddinge and there is also where I work with my wood in tattoo studio Monster Deluxe Tattoos at Arrendatorsvägen 3. There I have also worked as a tattoo apprentice since July 2019.

I started burning on wood in November of 2016. Back then I used a soldering pen and fell in love instantly. However I really love to be innovative and find different ways to work. So I started bringing in small torches and heat guns to make get smoother shadings and darker blacks. For a long time I did this mix and implemented some scratching and white paint for highlights. But the soldering pen leaves a reflective glossy look in different light conditions just like graphite does. So I started to skip that step and do all of the burning by torch. I love the process and how natural it looks with just the natural colors and shapes of mother earth, just a little more scorched.

I sell my completed work and take commissions.






I went to Sigtuna folkhögskola 1 year with art as the only subject.
But the wood burning is all self taught.
Other than my wood art I am a tattoo apprentice which I can see reflect into my work.


My main technique is to Burn with a blowtorch on wood. I use a metal spade and other metal shapes to cover the areas I want to keep from getting burnt. I also carve out highlights at the end.


I take a lot of inspiration from the tattoo business and great photography. Often the shapes of the wood will determine what kind of motive I make, so mother earth provides most of the inspiration.


At Kontrast ink Gallery Södermalm I have a big amount of work hanging and for sale.
Not a specific exhibition going on now though.
Visit me in Monster Deluxe Tattoos where I have many pieces too.

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