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About me

I grew up in Estonia, among fields and forests in a small village called Ojapere. Now I live with my daughter in a small town called Jakobstad in Finland. I speak Estonian, Swedish, English, Finnish and a little Russian

My passion is to dance, be in nature and create. I like to travel and meet new exciting people.
As a person I am kind, helpful, caring, positive but very stubborn. Before I start painting, I create the emptiness within me. I call it ”the zero point”. There are no thoughts, only emptiness. Then I give permission for energies to come in and start creating. Many paintings convey emotions, images, symbols, messages.

When you look at creation, it gives you different feelings, thoughts about it – it talks to you in its unique way. I hope people will find more joy, love, peace and tranquility through my pictures. Maybe my paintings can also heal someone’s body and soul.


Jacobsstad, Finland

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Home training


Acrylic, mixed media


Energy flow, colourful reflection of never ending life.

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