Erminia H Chimento


About me

Welcome to Paintings by E-Min. (Malerier af E-Min.)

I am Erminia H Chimento, since I was a little girl I have always been very creative, in many ways.

Unfortunately, when I suffer from desperation, social anxiety and PTSD after some tough years of my life, I have always found peace in painting, it is my free space, and this is where I get the opportunity to express my feelings.
I paint on canvas (but also like on wooden stones or whatever you want) I paint with lots of colors and energy, all my paintings are signed with my art name E-Min. and they are dated at the back.

If you love my colorful energetic painting then you are more than welcome to follow me on my facebook page Paintings by E-Min. (Malerier af E-Min.)

If you are interested in my paintings you can always contact me on my page on facebook or on 20621210 I reply as soon as I can.


Havdrup, Denmark

Contact info:





I draw drawings as I paint and I paint with acrylic in free hand


Nature and pictures of wildlife on Google

Current projects:

  • I will soon be exhibiting at a medical center close to my home.

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