Dana Ingesson


Om mig

(Från Agora Gallery i New York där jag hade en utställning under mars månad 2018)

I have been painting a lot of years but it is in latest year i really work hard with different exhibitions, both home in Sweden and international. It started with my participation in an exhibition in Louvren Paris October 2014. After this I tried my wings in several exhibitions. The response I’ve got spur me to go further with my kind of expression in my art. This lead to one of my greatest success 2016 when I won prize of the jury in “Artistes du Monde” Cannes.

I believe strongly in my expression and my special technique. I don’t use brush when I paint my art. It is palette knife who is my tool in creating my art. These techniques suit my temperament very well. I can be impulsive but firm!

My aim with my art is to create a dialogue between the spectator and my art. The spectator should be free to feel their own interpretation of my art.

Inspiration in my work comes from my feelings and emotions what I have inside me. Those feeling could be awakened by walking in the neighbourhood forest, by travels in different countries and other experience.

Prisbelönta konstnären Dana Ingesson på kultursidan i tidningen Metro



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Diverse kurser.


Akvarell huvudsakligen men även olja. Abstrakta målningar.


Känslor inom mig, som väcks från naturen, resor i främmande länder med mera.


Under 2019 kommer konstälskare att kunna se Danas tavlor på utställningar i såväl lilla Stenstorp som på det stora ”Agora Gallery” i New York. Närmast i tiden har Dana en soloutställning på Galleri Lillhammar i Göteborg, som pågår 5/4-13/4.

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