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About me

Born British. Became a psychiatrist in Sweden. Marriage, motherhood, and my working life delayed the start of my life as an artist. Now a happy grandmother working in my garage-turned-studio, isolated against corona, with a garden with birds and roedeer.

Art is a meeting between the creation of the artist and your perception.
Sometimes the inner experience of the artist carries right through to you.
My Gestalts are subjects that gaze straight into your eyes.
I channel the power I feel within in different ways and clothe my paintings in brilliant color.

I am an Anglican by faith. The evil of man causes violence and war, damages the environment, and speeds climate change. As our world becomes more ludicrous and catastrophic I turn towards our great creator.


Djursholm, Sweden

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The International Art School in Stockholm +14 years.
Saturday academies with Julio Ferrer.
Professor Arne Isacsson watercolor courses.


I am essentially an oil painter whose work has evolved from the classical to a more modern and contemporary style. I also use acrylic, mixed media, and watercolor.


I find Nature too beautiful to copy. My inspiration comes from within. Also inspired by the early Italians at the National Galleries in London and many artists among others Agueli and Gabriele Munter.

Selected exhibitions:

  • Midnight Millennium Väsby konsthall Sweden
  • Barcelona, October 2002
  • Watercolours Falköping Sweden, March 2003
  • Edsviken konsthall Stallet Sweden, May 2010
  • Galleri B-forss Stockholm, March 2012
  • Various light installations and art rounds Danderyd Sweden

    No ongoing exhibitions because of corona. The last one was at Galleri Riddaren Stockholm in January 2020


Current exhibitions:

  • Öppen ateljé (Danderyds konstrunda). Sveavägen 2a, Djursholm. 4-5 september, kl.12-17

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