Charlotta Malm


About me

I was born in Gamla Enskede in the south of Stockholm. My mother was a teacher and father engineer. My younger sister got art education at Gerlesborg and worked as painter and illustrator.

After getting an education in Business Administration at Stockholm University I worked for one year in Tokyo and one year in San Jose, California. Then I lived some years in central Stockholm before moving to Danderyd when my son Jakob was born.

About ten years ago I stated painting, and took different art classes, full time high school class as well as summer classes and evening training courses. The local association Danderyd konsthall was started about this time and I joined when it was quite new. We don’t have a real exhibition hall yet but the association is very active and arrange shows for members, mostly in the local market.

Most of my paintings have people as an important part. Real people I know or don’t know. Maybe a photograph taken many years ago – or just recently when I see something inspiring.


Stockholm, Danderyd Sweden

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  • Bachelor of Science and Arts 30 p Stockholm University, Basic evening course,
  • Stockholm Folk High School full-time art one year,
  • Shorter courses at Gerlesborg, Helliden, Svefi in Haparanda, Bishop’s Arnö and École de Mont Cotton in France.

Previous exhibitions:

  • 2013 – 2019: Separate exhibitions in Danderyd: Petruskykan, Mörbybadet and Enebybergs bibliotek
  • 2017 I rented the Gallery 67 on Västerlånggatan in Stockholm for two weeks before Christmas and sold paintings as well as other products with my design.
  • Group exhibitions for example in Djursholms slott, Mörby centrum, Danderydsgården, Hamnens dag i Stocksund and Församlingens hus. Together with seven other members of Danderyds konsthall I arranged an art exhibition at Galleri Svea on Skomakargatan in Stockholm.
  • ”Öppen ateljé” at home during Kulturbiennalen i Danderyd 2019
  • Participated in all ”Danderyds konstrunda” 2013 – 2019 (biannual)

Juried exhibitions:

  • ”Kvadraten” 2019 Väsby konsthall
  • ”Över gränsen” 2017, utställningen visades i vår vänort i Finland Grankulla och på Elverket i Djursholm
  • ”Akvarellsalongen” 2016, Väsby konsthall
  • ”30 x 30” 2015 Väsby konsthall
  • ”30 x 30” 2013 Väsby konsthall


Mostly Acrylic but also Mixed Media and Water Color. I often order for example post cards, coasters, calendars, pillows and trays using my paintings as motif.


What happens around me. When I see something I try to take a picture to keep the inspiration to use later. Sometimes an illustrated article in a newspaper or magazine can start the fantasy.

Current projects:


  • 2020: ”Vårsalongen i Församlingens hus i Danderyd” (group)
  • Öppen ateljé – Konst  i mörker
    Deltagare: 18 danderydskonstnärer
    Plats: i respektive ateljé
    Sida på Facebook: Öppna Ateljéer
    Fredag 9 okt kl 16-21, lördag och söndag 10-11 okt kl 13-16
    Förra året var flera av deltagarna med på motsvarande aktivitet i samband med Kulturbiennalen i Danderyd. Den här gången försöker vi hålla avstånd men vill ändå genomföra en visning.

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